Upcoming gigs: May 2 - GENEVA DOOM DAYS May 6 - TUBE CULT FEST June 10 - DEATH OVER VENICE Thanks to Otto Engineering for the powerful sound yesterday night in Bologna and Fabio for the video. FF666
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European tour dates with Dark Buddha Rising

8.11. Chemiefabrik, Dresden, Germany
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9.11. Chmury, Warsaw, Poland
10.11. Soulstone Gathering, Krakow, Poland ...
11.11. TBA
12.11. Underdogs, Prague, Czech Republic
13.11. Rockhouse, Salzburg, Austria
14.11. La Machno, Geneva, Switzerland
15.11. Ligera, Milan, Italy
16.11. Scumm, Pescara Italy
17.11. Evol Club, Rome, Italy
18.11. Freak Out Club, Bologna, Italy
19.11. Ebrietas, Zurich, Switzerland
20.11. Slow Club, Freiburg, Germany
21.11. Merelyn, Nijmegen, Netherlands
22.11. Vortex Club, Siegen, Germany
23.11. Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany
24.11. TBA

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Next funeral on the Nuragic Island at Doom Over Karalis

Doom Over Karalis

Siamo lieti di annunciarvi il nome del secondo headliner del Doom Over Karalis VII:
direttamente dal Roadburn Festival e dal Saint Helena Festival arrivano ...sul palco del DOK i FUOCO FATUO

We are pleased to announce the name of the second headliner of the Doom Over Karalis VII:
from the stages of the Roadburn Festival and the Saint Helena Festival FUOCO FATUO are coming to set the DOK on fire!

Piace a Donald Cipriani, Carl Vlazny, Stefano Salvadore e altri 35.

Live at Roadburn 2018 - Audio stream
June 27, 2018 It’s time for another clutch of audio streams from Roadburn 2018. Spanning everything from Dawn Ray’d’s righteous black metal to Grave Pleasures’ dirty grooves – we’ve got it all right here. As ever, we’re indebted to Marcel and Torture Garden for the audio, and to VPRO 3...
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Nick Gorogianis Such a great set! Heavier than heavy and blew my fucking mind! Thank you.